Bithumb Celebrates 7th Anniversary Aiming to Leap into Customer-oriented Virtual Asset Platform
Bithumb Celebrates 7th Anniversary Aiming to Leap into Customer-oriented Virtual Asset Platform
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Bithumb Celebrates 7th Anniversary Aiming to Leap into Customer-oriented Virtual Asset Platform

-Bithumb Korea (Bithumb, CEO: Heo Back Young), the top virtual asset exchanges in Korea, marked the 7th anniversary of its establishment. With the largest customer base and liquidity as well as expertise in blockchain and virtual assets in Korea, Bithumb is accelerating to leap into a digital financial platform.

Celebrating its 7th anniversary on January 5, Bithumb announced its achievements accomplished during the past 7 years.

As of the third quarter last year, the number of subscribers of Bithumb exceeded 5 million in accumulation, the largest number of members among crypto exchanges in Korea. The number of customers who visited Bithumb reached 5.77 million in August 2020 alone (based on the ‘Report on Traffics at Virtual Asset Exchanges’ published by Etherlab). Its liquidity also appeared to be the strongest in Korea. Bithumb reported the largest daily trading amount of KRW 7.6 trillion (January 16, 2018) and the largest monthly trading amount of KRW 115 trillion (January 2018).

As a leader in the industry, Bithumb has been pioneering the promotion of transparent and safe trading environments by establishing an anti-money laundering center, developing an automatic tax filing system, and obtaining the Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification.

The company will actively address new regulations and changes in the market this year. It aims to obtain the license for a virtual asset service provider (VASP) by intensifying compliance monitoring and advancing anti-money laundering systems while expanding the market base and transforming into a customer-oriented virtual asset platform.

Starting with opening a bitcoin (BTC) market, it will introduce portfolio products to enhance customers’ accessibility to the virtual asset market and to diversify options, while providing selected quality information on the market. In addition, it will develop the next-generation trading platform to improve customer experience. It will enhance the accessibility and convenience of customers by releasing more convenient and faster applications than existing ones.

“As a leading company that grew into one of the top crypto exchanges, we will proactively cope with the new regulatory environment,” said Heo Back Young, CEO of Bithumb. “We are committed to expanding the base of virtual asset market and promoting benefits of customers by placing the highest priority on customers.”

In commemoration of the anniversary of its foundation, Bithumb holds various events throughout the month of January. And it plans to provide presentations 'Noteworthy keywords in the virtual asset market in 2021' selected by industry experts. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron Foundation; IN Hoh, professor at Korea University; Kim Junwoo, Co-CEO of CrossAngle; and Kim Joon Young, attorney at Kim & Chang will predict this year under the theme of their respective selected keywords.



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