Saifedean Ammous Joins Blockcap as Strategic Advisor
Saifedean Ammous Joins Blockcap as Strategic Advisor
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Saifedean Ammous Joins Blockcap as Strategic Advisor

Blockcap, Inc. (“Blockcap”), one of North America’s largest digital asset mining companies, today announced that Bitcoin luminary Saifedean Ammous will serve as a strategic advisor to the company. Ammous is best known for authoring The Bitcoin Standard, a best-selling overview of the world’s foremost digital asset and the broader beneficial power of blockchain technology.

Bringing with him unparalleled subject matter expertise, Ammous will use his years of experience in the industry to assist Blockcap as it undergoes rapid growth and in turn works to transform the United States into a key global hub for digital asset technology. In particular, he will provide key insights on monetary and blockchain matters.

"I am excited to be part of one of the most important digital mining companies in North America,” Ammous said. “I look forward to working with the amazing team at Blockcap on incorporating insights from my book, The Bitcoin Standard, into their broader strategy, and helping to place blockchain technology at the forefront of American innovation."

Blockcap was founded by its now executive chairman, Darin Feinstein, a veteran of Core Scientific, a leading blockchain-hosting company. Blockcap plans on continuing its rapid expansion of mining infrastructure. In a statement, Feinsten lauded the addition of Ammous to the team and described the role of such an important figure in the Bitcoin ecosystem as critical to realizing the company’s ambitious goals for this year and beyond.

“Saifedean is one of the leading minds in this space and, notably, his analysis of the history of monetary supply is the most coherent of any book on the subject,” Feinstein said. “He breaks down the importance of a decentralized solution to worldwide monetary problems in a manner that has never been put forward before, and we at Blockcap are proud to have him on board and guiding us with his novel insights and proven acumen.”

The addition of Ammous happens as Blockcap dramatically expands its mining infrastructure, having recently acquired thousands of mining machines, including a recent purchase of 12,000 Bitmain S19s that will add to an already-expansive fleet of over 40,000 top-of-the-line bitcoin miners. Approximately 30,000 of those new miners are expected to be deployed by Q4 2021, with an additional 12,000 going online the following year. By that time, Blockcap will be mining roughly 3.5 EH/s, likely making it the largest and most powerful bitcoin mining operation in North America.

Moreover, the arrival of Ammous follows several recent key additions to the Blockcap team, including Matthew Roszak, Founder of, Travis Mason, former Chief of Staff at Google and Perianne Boring, President of the Digital Chamber of Commerce. In addition to this, the company has named to its Advisory Board Noah Jessop, former CEO of HoneyMiner, Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer at BitPay, and Mark Elenowitz, President of Horizon Fintex.

This unique collection of talent and expertise further positions Blockcap for success.

About Blockcap

Blockcap, Inc. (the “Company” or “Blockcap”) headquartered in Austin, Texas, was founded by blockchain industry veterans that have been in the space for nearly a decade. The Blockcap mining division operates one of the world's largest bitcoin mining operations, accounting for nearly 1 percent of all the Bitcoin network transactions. In addition to mining operations, the company operates two other divisions - digital treasury assets and venture investments. Blockcap's mining fleet currently utilizes Core Scientific's best-in-class co-location mining facilities based in the United States.

For more information, visit or contact (833) 901-BLOC toll-free.

Follow Blockcap on LinkedIn.



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