Tyson Fury Announces Worlds First Boxing NFT
Tyson Fury Announces Worlds First Boxing NFT
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Tyson Fury Announces Worlds First Boxing NFT on Fomolab.io
Tyson Fury Announces Worlds First Boxing NFT

The Lineal heavy weight champion of the world and two-time world heavyweight champion is making a grand entrance into the NFT space.

Fury’s career has left an imprint on boxing fans and the general public over the years. His remarkable career as an amateur transformed to an illustrious career as a professional.

Fighting against odds, that many thought were stacked against him, Fury exhibited a wonder class performance against Vladmir Klitschko in November 2015, ending ‘Dr Steelhammer’s’ reign of 10 years in front of a capacity crowd of 55,000 in Düsseldorf and certifying the ‘Gypsy King’ as the new man to beat.

He is known as a hero to many for winning his battles outside as well as inside the ring. Coming back from public battles with depression and drug addiction to dismantle KO King Deontay Wilder and secure his 30th win left many of us in awe.

His legacy has been been cemented and his position as boxings most mystifying and loveable character continues.

FURY, managed by the Gold Star Promotions team is set to release a premium collection of items including playing cards and Memorabilia. The megastar is starting with an exclusive one of a kind NFT artwork piece which is digitally signed by Fury.

About the artist:

George Rollo is a 23 Year old Artist. Born in Wakefield, UK.

Whilst studying at university, he felt his degree was not for him and dedicated himself full time to his art career. His unique style saw some early success for him with commissions from Drake’s Octobers Very Own team in 2016. This was soon followed up with custom works commissioned by rapper Tyga which were featured in his music videos. In 2017, work led him to his first trip to Dubai where he connected with the local art scene and just as he had witnessed in the UK, saw success very quickly.

As a result of his New York exhibition in the same year, he was introduced to 50 Cent who also commissioned work from the young artist.

He then moved full time to Dubai, where he resides, continuing to grow his art career; with exhibitions, shows, live performances, paintings for royalty.

Despite all of his growth, Rollo maintains the important of staying humble. As grateful as he is for the opportunities he has had so far, this NFT collaboration with Tyson Fury is the highlight of his career.

Meet the team:

FomoLabs consists of an executive team who have a range of expertise including but not limited to Crypto, Technology & Development, Marketing and Global Partnerships.

Our CEO is a co founder of a Wealth generation platform and experienced in the Crypto & Defi space

The CTO is a futurist & crypto evangelist, who was head of an International Blockchain Consultancy.

The COO has worked in startups in various roles such as Head of Global Partnerships, Head of International and Head of Client Services. He assisted in growing a company from 250,000£ turnover to £100,000,000 turnover within 10 years, making it one of the leaders within its industry. Serial investor and partner within the global startup sphere.

The CMO is a cryptocurrency advocate and early adopter, founding and growing several platforms and ventures educating entrepreneurship and development of technology in high growth industries

Overall, the team has a background going back a number of years in the Crypto world and combining that with their respected experiences, it differentiates them from others.

The first NFT in this collection will be launching within the next two weeks and the winner of the auction will be receiving the digital as well as the original piece of artwork created by Rollo, signed by Tyson Fury in an exclusive video that will also be included. To stay updated on the launch or for further information you can contact Fomo Labs for further information or to stay updated on the launch.

Disclaimer : "코인코드 스팟" 섹션의 콘텐츠는 한글 또는 영문으로 번역 후 제공받는 일방의 자료로 신뢰할만한 취재원을 바탕으로 구성하였으나 해당 정보의 사실이 확인되었음을 뜻하는 것은 아니며 참고자료로만 활용이 가능해 본지에 의견 등을 제시할 수 없습니다. 더 빠르고 신속한 각종 외신 속보는 'coincode.kr' 에서 확인이 가능합니다.



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